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Most appropriate and economic choice of raw materials

Comparative creep tests using FNCT, 2NCT (ACT)

Point Loading Tests to prove the applicability for alternative installation methods

Independent quality control
Pipe diameter from 20 mm to 1800 mm

Weld quality as a sales argument

Testing and evaluation of welded joints

Safety in service by appropriate selection of the welding parameters PE-pipe 500 x 45.4 mm

Determination of the service life of welded thick walled pipes (wall thickness up to 120 mm)

New applications of pipes and vessels in contact with water-pollutants

Independent quality control and assessment of specific products

Supplementation of existing building products approvals  Certification document (PDF, 267 KB)

Approved expert reports concerning the influence of chemicals

Marketing of new building products

Fitness for purpose testing and representation at DIBt

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